I am looking for a new building, where do I start?

Call or email and an Outback representative will discuss the desired building and details such as size, color, local building requirements and delivery. We will quote on the delivered price for your building and upon your approval will then create stamped engineered plans for your state. Your building is ordered and while being fabricated you obtain proper approval from local officials and arrange for the concrete work to be performed. Once your building arrives, you can construct it yourself with the provided complete plans and instructions or arrange for a local contractor to assemble it. Our buildings are assembled with nuts and bolts that screw together. No welding is needed.

What is cold-formed steel framing and what are the benefits?

Read about the benefits of cold-formed steel framing here:


How long does the process take?

Engineering package – 1 week. Permit approval – 2-3 weeks depending on your local agency. Building delivery – 3-4 weeks. Building time – 1-3 weeks depending on the size of the building and size of the building crew.

Are there any other things I need to consider?

Snow loads, wind speed, exposure and soil conditions. Other considerations are windows, trim siding and color choices.

What clearances are needed for the door selection?

Overhead doors need an additional 18” for the door track and 12” on each side for the side door track. Additional clearances may need to be considered depending on what is being stored in the building such as an RV.

What is different about your buildings versus other traditional methods?

Our buildings are designed for customer DIY options, however you can also hire a local contractor or we can point you to a licensed Outback contractor. A detailed assembly manual and stamped engineering plans are included. The galvanized steel components come pre-drilled and are simply screwed and bolted together, there is no welding required. Each building is custom designed and you are able to have multiple choices on window and door sizes, insulation type and siding choices. Trim and paint choices come with a 45-year warranty.

Does the building rust?

Every building is made exclusively of galvanized steel and does not rust. They are warranted against rust, peeling, cracking, flaking and fading.

Is insulation included?

Yes, there are several insulation options available to be chosen.

Do the buildings come in many colors?

Yes, there are an assortment of colors available with a 45-year paint warranty.

Are the buildings a standard design or can I customize them?

Each building is custom designed according to the buyer’s requirements.

Is there a price list or standard pricing on buildings?

As each building is custom designed, prices will vary depending on several options and add-ons as requested. A customized price quote can be generated very quickly once these factors are determined.

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