Through our distributor program, Outback offers contractors, engineers, architects, and building companies an alternative to heavy steel or wood stick construction. Our program offers a complete package of architectural design, engineering, materials acquisition, logistic services, and a unique product concept that puts you at an advantage over your competitors. Each Outback building is custom engineered with stamped plans, detailed instructions, and individually identified components, delivered to your job site. The building buyer works with the distributor to determine buyer requirements and select the best steel building to meet those requirements. Details are entered into our online engineering portal. A quote is quickly generated for customer review and once approved the building components are manufactured and are ready for delivery onsite within weeks. Cold-formed steel buildings are built much faster than heavy steel and wood buildings. Depending on the scope of the building and the available crew, erection runs smoothly and quickly.

This allows you, the distributor, to rapidly move on to other jobs. Of course, faster completion times lead to potential increased business opportunities. Check out the YouTube video below for a time lapsed construction job.

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