Operating since 2001, OutBack Steel Buildings specializes in affordable and efficiently designed cold-formed steel buildings. Our buildings are 100% made in the USA.

We Offer You a Different Type of Steel Building

Let’s face it, there are lots of companies selling steel buildings. So how do you decide where to buy. You want the most for your money, right? You want the purchase process to be smooth and enjoyable. And you want a company that will stand behind their product. Purchasing your structure from OutBack Steel Buildings will give you all that and more.

Check out our extensive product line and discover why OutBack Steel Buildings is the best choice for ease of ordering, construction, quality, and overall value. Submit specifications for a quote online or contact us by phone or email for more information.


Design Your Building

Our 3D builder is the perfect tool to help you design the perfect steel building for your needs. Whether you are dreaming about a new outbuilding, garage, or even a new home, our 3D Builder makes it easy to visualize exactly how your building will look when completed.

With our intuitive and user-friendly design tools, you can easily select the size, shape, and color of your building to create a customized design that fits your exact needs. Plus, our 3D models allow you to explore different views and angles so you can see exactly how your building will look in real life.

Ready to get started with our 3D Builder? Click the button below to start!


About Outback Steel Buildings

Since 2001, Outback Steel Buildings has designed and delivered cold-formed steel buildings throughout the United States.

Utilizing our Outback Calc software, we can custom design and quote you a building price in minutes. All of our buildings come with stamped engineering drawings. Once a building order is generated delivery to the site can be made in 2-4 weeks. We have a network of steel building specialists throughout the nation that can erect the building. Every building comes with complete instructions for those who wish to complete the work on their own.

Outback Steel Buildings Advantages

Conforms to national and local building codes

Our specialists will calculate the cost of the selected works for you, as well as answer additional questions.

Fire resistant construction

We value our reputation, so we treat each order responsibly and achieve the highest possible results.

Meets hurricane standards

Home improvement works are expensive, but fortunately we know how to reduce their cost.

Mold, rot and termite resistant

Long-term guarantees are provided for all types of work, because we are confident in their quality.

Cold-formed steel framing extremely durable

We successfully select solutions for our clients that best suit their budget and listen to their wishes.

Potential lower insurance costs

You always know what you are paying for: the estimate shows the cost of all work, without hidden fees.

Contact us

We are excited to speak with you. Our team will be in touch within 24 hours and we can schedule a time that works best for both of our schedules! If you’d like to speak to someone right now, call (971) 239-1813

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