The Product is a Better Steel Building!

The Building market is a multi-billion dollar industry with several different types of materials and technologies competing for their share of the profits—each with its pros and cons. It’s a complex and highly competitive market.

At OutBack we believe our light guage steel system is the smartest approach at meeting the needs of the market. Not only is the quality of the material itself much more consistant, relative to other building materials like wood, masonry, or composites, but the cost is more stable as well. And, because steel is more compact, it easier to handle, transport, and store.

In addition Outback has focused on the most profitable market niche, that of the small to mid-span buildings from 16’ - 60’ wide.

Building designs can be easily manipulated by our engineers due to the variable shape and size of the components. Whether it’s a multi-story dwelling, RV garage, horse barn, or retail storefront, your customer’s unique needs are easily addressed.

Once you’ve determined the basic configuration of the structure, custom application of windows, doors, insulation packages, and even cupolas are almost limitless. Custom exterior cladding and color selection add the finishing touches.

Used as the basis for a pre-engineered building system, steel allows the designer to optimize the use of material relative to labor to create a stucture with greater longevity at a lower cost per sq. ft. than most other types of permanent shelters.

OutBack Steel Buildings are easy to errect. Engineer stamped calculations and a comprehensive foundation design are included with our drawings. Our bolt- and screw-together assembly system means no welding. From the Powers Foundation Bolts to the Hi-Grip Roof Screws, OutBack uses only the very best fastener technology. And our light guage steel is galvanized for extra rust protection, requiring little or no maintenance.

It’s easy to get excited about such an exceptional product, but we’ve also made it easy to sell. Click on Software above to find out about OutBack Calc.