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1) What is the intended use of your residential steel building? [required]
2) What are the approximate dimensions for your metal building? [required] 
 Width (endwall):   feet
 Length (sidewall):   feet
 Height (eave):   feet

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3) Do you need gutters and downspouts for your steel building?  [required]
Not sure - please advise
4) Do you need insulation for the roof of your steel building?  [required]
Yes - I need insulation what do you recommend
No - I'm not interested in insulation for the roof of my steel building
5) Do you need insulation for the walls of your steel building?  [required]
Yes - I need insulation what do you recommend
No - I'm not interested in insulation for the walls of my steel building
6) Which of the following best describes your current property needs where you plan to erect your steel building? [required]
We own the property
We have identified the property we want and have arranged financing
We have identified the property we want and have not arranged financing
We have not identified the property we want
7) Do you require professional installation for this steel building? [required]
Not sure
8) What is your estimated budget for this steel building (building only)?  [required]
$5,000 - $9,999
$10,000 - $19,999
$20,000 - $49,999
9) When do you plan on erecting this steel building? [required]
Between one and three months
Between three and six months
Between six and twelve months
In more than one year
10) Where will this steel building be erected? [required]
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11) What is your e-mail address? [required]  

12) What type of roof pitch is required for your steel building (applies to only straight wall style buildings)? (View roof pitchSteel Buildings Roof Pitch or gambrelSteel Buildings Gambrel Roof images)
  Not sure - please advise
13) What features would you like for your steel building?
Walk Doors (people access)
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Overhead Doors (vehicle access)
  Door Type 1 Door Type 2 Door Type 3 Door Type 4
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14) If you would like to receive quotes or specs for your metal building via fax, please enter your fax number:
15) Please describe in detail the intended purpose of the steel building and any additional requirements you may have for your steel building.
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Important Buyer Tip: OutBack operates through distributors strategically positioned nationwide. We will match you with the closest OutBack Distributor to your buildings site location. Please remember that the OutBack Distributor representatives may need to speak with you on the phone to discuss your building and prices.

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